Test 2/2 del livello C e D (base e autonomia) del Quadro Comune Europeo

Welcome to your English Test

1. Tomorrow you _____ leaving England

2. By five o'clock he ____ Manchester

3. These machines ____

4. If all goes well, I _____ home before six o'clock

5. If it had been sunny, I ____ gone out

6. Do you know what ____ to do?

7. Don't forget _____ me a newspaper, John

8. Whenever there was a visitor, the dog ____ to the door

9. He is an engineer in ____

10. Although my sister ____ in the team, we still lost

11. I was very ____ in the story

12. He advised me ____ the doctor

13. I ____ travelling by tube

14. He didn't come home last night. I wish that he ____

15. I am going to a wedding. I need to ____

16. Which would you ____ have, gold or silver?

17. My brother has been in hospital. I wonder how he ___

18. The man said he did not ____ to walk

19. Although he confessed to the crime, the judge let the boy ____

20. The student could not answer the question, so she ____